LCP Proximal Femur Plate

Capable of addressing complex fractures of the proximal femur, our anatomically pre-shaped LCP Proximal Femur Plate comes with variable angle locking screw technology. Offering fixation with a 6.0 mm lock screw, our versatile plate allows the surgeon to connect the plate components in various configurations in response to different fracture patterns. The combi-holes in the plate shaft that combine a dynamic compression unit (DCU) hole with a threaded locking hole provide the flexibility of cortex screw or locking screw fixation making it easier to achieve plate-to-bone apposition as well as axial compression or angular stability.

LCP Proximal Femur Plate for both left and right femurs are available to accommodate average femoral neck anteversion. Contoured to perfection, made of high-grade titanium and stainless steel, our femur plate guarantees high fixation density around an intramedullary implant.

The LCP Proximal Femur Plate is a component of the versatile LCP Periarticular Plating System. It combines locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques to address complex fractures of the proximal femur, distal femur, and proximal tibia. Offering various plate options, it ensures effective treatment in a compact design.


  • Anatomically pre-shaped plate for better fit.
  • Variable angle locking screw technology for enhanced stability.
  • 6.0 mm lock screw for secure fixation.
  • Versatile plate allowing various configurations to suit different fracture patterns.
  • Combi-holes in the plate shaft combining dynamic compression unit (DCU) and threaded locking hole.
  • Flexibility for cortex screw or locking screw fixation.
  • Available for both right and left direction.
  • Made of Stainless Steel & Titanium.
  • Available holes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14.


  • Fractures of the trochanteric region, trochanteric simple, trochanterodiaphyseal, multifragmentary pertrochanteric, intertrochanteric reversed or transverse or with additional fracture of the medial cortex Fractures of the proximal end of the femur combined with ipsilateral shaft fractures. 
  • Metastatic fracture of the proximal femur.
  • Osteotomies of the proximal femur.
  • Also for use in fixation of osteopenic bone and fixation of nonunions or malunions.

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