OEM Manufacturing

At Zealmax Ortho, we take immense pride in our cutting-edge OEM manufacturing capabilities for orthopedic implants. With advanced machining, robotic processes, and a sprawling 7,000 square meters production facility, we produce over 100,000 implants per month, all while maintaining uncompromising quality. Our VMC & CNC machines, powered by robotic precision, ensure errorless manufacturing, and our rigorous in-house quality checks guarantee perfection. For unparalleled value and precision in orthopedic OEM manufacturing, partner with us. Reach out to us at export@orthoimplantsindia.com to learn more about our services.

ODM Manufacturing

Introducing Zealmax Ortho’s ODM Manufacturing Service, where innovation and expertise meet to shape the future of orthopedic implants. With a vast portfolio of 700+ product designs, our dedicated team of industrial designers, in collaboration with renowned surgeons, pioneers cutting-edge implants that transform lives. Our rigorous materials verification, operational testing, and clinical trials ensure quality and precision. Experience the difference with Zealmax Ortho’s OEM solutions. For more information, contact us at export@orthoimplantsindia.com. Your vision, our innovation – together, we create excellence.

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