LCP Calcaneal Plate

Locking plates improve construction stability while lowering the chance of screw back-out and subsequent reduction loss. Additionally, it lessens the chance of stripped screw holes and lessens the requirement for exact anatomic plate contouring.

  • Available in left and right designs in extra-small, small, large, and extra-large sizes.
  • 15 locking holes provide flexibility to accommodate various fracture patterns.
  • To support the anterior process and plantar fragments, bendable tabs are used.
  • Angled and ascending holes (indicated by arrows) buttress the sustentaculum and provide better support of the calcaneotalar articular surface
  • Lateral application
  • Standard bicortical and/or unicortical fixation is provided by locking screws.
  • Length: 64 mm & 81 mm
  • Fixation with 3.5 mm locking screw
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless Steel
  • The locking calcaneal plates treat complicated calcaneus fractures.
  • For calcaneus fractures and osteotomies, including but not limited to extra-articular, intra-articular, joint depression, tongue-type, and severely comminuted fractures, the locking calcaneal plate is recommended.

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