DCP Cloverleaf Plate

3.5mm Cloverleaf Plate is a buttress plate that sits on the distal tibia’s medial surface. It is thin and easy to cut. The plate features a frontal wing that permits it to be attached to the medial malleous. The plate can also be adjusted by removing the frontal wing, allowing it to be used on the anterior plane of the distal tibia. 

It should be bent prior to surgery to precisely match the contours of the bone fragment to be repaired. The oval hole enables for temporary plate fixing prior to final adjustment and fixation.


  • It is available in stainless steel and titanium. 
  • It has 4.0mm cancellous screws for fixation in metaphysis and 3.5mm cortical screws for diaphyseal fixation.
  • It is available in 3 to 10 holes.
  • One or both shoulders of the Cloverleaf Plate can be cut off with a large Wire Cutter.


Fractures of Proximal Humerus and Distal Tibia

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