Rod and screw for lumbar spinal surgery

Spinal Lumbar Surgery with Rods and Screws

Spinal lumbar surgery with rods and screws is a medical procedure designed to address various spinal conditions, providing relief and stability to patients experiencing discomfort or pain. This innovative surgical approach involves...

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Orthopedic Implants for shoulder fracture

Shoulder Fracture : Overview, Types and Implants

Shoulder fractures occur when external force fractures any of the three shoulder joint bones, often due to accidents or sports injuries. Recovery involves wearing a brace or sling for weeks, possibly requiring...

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ACL interference Screw

ACL Interference Screw – Overview, Types and Uses

The ACL interference screw, a linchpin in orthopedic interventions, takes center stage in the realm of ligament reconstruction. Surgeons wield this essential tool to anchor grafts securely during anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)...

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