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A healthcare exhibition is an affair worth remembering. Industry pioneers and professionals from various parts of the world meet, have intellectual conversations related to healthcare, build lasting partnerships, and fly back to their homes. While meets and greets are fine, these expos are not just meant for borderline discussions. They stand for something deeper. 

We recently came back from our three-day-long expo journey. This was our first time at the FIME Medial Expo, and the excitement and enthusiasm were definitely out of the charts. We met people from various healthcare backgrounds including, distributors, surgeons, and healthcare professionals, and had some very intriguing conversations. Individuals were talking to us about the challenges they face in the orthopedic supply chain and how they take time to trust the implants’ export businesses. 

And, as it always goes after an expo we attend, I am back sitting at my desk, with my laptop open, beginning to type down everything that I witnessed. 

After listening to professionals I met, one observation became very clear. Trusting a company that exports orthopedic implants is a difficult process. And, the primary part of the trust hinges on the “production time.” While our booth attracted visitors from all nations, a larger chunk of these visitors were from Latin America. 

For us, at Zealmax Ortho, Latin America has been one of our biggest markets to target. We have constantly worked to establish a strong presence there through the clutches of trust and transparency. It is one of the largest markets for orthopedic implants, anticipated to grow from USD 4.85 billion in 2024 to USD 6.14 billion by  2029. 

During my interactions with people from Latin America, who share a similar passion for orthopedic care, I held my notice on one point that more or less everyone mentioned. As mentioned above, “trust” in itself is a big word. Trusting an overseas company through the entire process of manufacturing and exporting is a big bet. 

Just imagine it this way, if you are a global distributor or a surgeon, why would you trust me and my company? If your concerns are production times and late delivery, trusting a global manufacturing and exporting company is riskier than a domestic company, right? 

After engaging in tons of meetings, professional conversations, and friendly discussions with healthcare distributors, surgeons, and representatives, we got a clear picture of what the market demands. 

We came across a lot of problems and it drove us to address these four major challenges that distributors and surgeons face regularly while dealing with companies worldwide. 

Delayed Production Time

Manufacturing orthopedic implants is a time-consuming process. There is no denying it. There are many times when distributors want to fulfill an order and the order is placed based on some immediate needs. However, manufacturers turn them down saying that they cannot manufacture implants at such short notice. In such a situation, distributors feel helpless and dejected. The question comes, where to turn if need-based manufacturing is required. 

Late Delivery

Exporting orthopedic implants is a long-drawn process that brings with it a lot of stress, especially in terms of late deliveries. Distributors at the end of the day are a mere medium between surgeons and manufacturers. Similarly, surgeons are also a mere medium between orthopedic manufacturers and patients. So, a timely adherence to accessible orthopedic implants is of topmost importance. It’s as simple as a deadline. A business idea if not implemented within a deadline is not of much worth, similarly an orthopedic implant not delivered on time for the need at hand is not of much worth. 


This concern did actually surprise me. Many distributors complained that manufacturers demand money the minute they place an order with them. While distributors said they do not mind paying immediately, sometimes certain limitations can’t get them to pay immediately. And, when they ask for a little more time to make the payment, manufacturers cancel the order. As suppliers of orthopedic care, distributors are contributing towards making orthopedic care reach one and all. So, can’t manufacturers adjust a little? 

Pricing Problems

International exports involve pricing issues due to the different currencies of countries. Many times, the price that manufacturers fixate on is not what distributors are ready to pay. As a result of this unsettled negotiation, the order gets canceled and as a result, never gets dispatched. Is exporting orthopedic care only related to money-making and business? 

Now, the problems are listed correctly. But, who is making an active effort to solve these problems? As a director of a company that manufactures and exports top-quality orthopedic implants, I have always believed in one thing- “Business in the field of orthopedic care is only based on trust and transparency.” Money-making is a secondary thing, the primary thing is earning your client’s trust and contributing to their belief that orthopedic care should reach everyone. 

Since my expertise and experience involve establishing a glaring mission for the company, I can firmly say that Zealmax Ortho is headfast in taking a step to solve the problems that distributors and surgeons are facing. But how are we doing it? Let me tell you here. 

Need-based Production Time

We understand that at times a need for orthopedic implants may arise. And, turning down distributors when an immediate need arises is not catering to our mission of making “orthopedic care accessible to all.” Therefore, at Zealmax Ortho, we provide you with the option of priority manufacturing. If you need an implant on short notice, we can do it for you. 

Prompt Delivery

The process of exporting orthopedics only gets difficult due to customs clearance. Custom clearance is a long process because it involves two stages- customs clearance source and customs clearance destination. Distributors waiting for the orthopedic implants back in their countries might wonder questions like what if the implants don’t arrive on time or get delayed than expected? Well, to bring distributors out of this cycle of stress and anxiety, we have a solution. We have all documentation of custom clearance ready with us. Therefore, improper regulatory compliances will never be a hindrance from our end in the process of exporting.  

Empathetic Solutions

We understand if there are limitations on your end and if you can’t make the payment immediately. In cases of genuine financial hindrance or other limitations, we give you the leeway to make payments at a settled convenience. We, at Zealmax Ortho, wish to make orthopedic care reach every corner of the world and surpass mere business transactions. 

Flexible Pricing Policy

Like I have been saying in all my personal blogs, my vision and goal crosses the borders of money-making. We completely understand that people from different countries have different currencies, affordability, and buying capacities. Therefore, we first handily put out market-aligned prices that sit perfectly with the buying abilities of individuals. 

In a Nutshell…

The healthcare arena, particularly the orthopedic care sector is witnessing changes with each day of the calendar flipping. While growth and expansion are inevitable in the sector, they should be aligned with the interests of the people involved in the orthopedic chain. Namely, manufacturers, distributors, surgeons, and patients in the end. 

With distributors and surgeons not getting what they truly want to make orthopedic care reach all; are we honestly succeeding as primary players in the orthopedic supply chain?  In my opinion, as key players in the healthcare market, we should aim to empower the other key players and give them solutions that cater to their needs. 

At the end of the day, as leaders in the orthopedic business, we should remember that our ultimate goal is to empower patient lives. I just wish to end this with a simple, reassuring line: 

We are Zealmax Ortho. We deliver excellence and settle for nothing less. 


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