Pedicle Screws Fixation System

Monoaxial Screw Fixation System

The monoaxial screw fixation system features low-profile monoaxial screws and rods, used by surgeons to stabilize the spine during spinal fusion procedures. Monoaxial screws offer a strong anchor to the rod but limit the angulation adjustments as compared to polyaxial screws. This entire system, viewed as a whole, allows minimally invasive surgeries and better postoperative outcomes.

Polyaxial Screw Fixation System

Pedicle Screw Fixation System is a spinal implant used in spinal surgeries to improve stability. It works by inserting screws into the vertebral pedicles. These screws are then connected to a rod along the spine, which holds the vertebrae together and prevents movement between the vertebrae. This system is particularly helpful for conditions like spinal fractures, deformity, or instability caused by degenerative disc disorder.

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