LCP Pilon Plate

LCP Pilon Plate: An advanced orthopedic implant for treating fractures of the distal tibia. Part of the Locking Compression Plate (LCP) system, it ensures stability and support through a combination of locking and conventional screws. Available in various sizes, shapes, and hole patterns, the LCP Pilon Plate accommodates diverse fracture patterns and allows for versatile screw options. Experience enhanced fracture fixation with this versatile and innovative orthopedic solution.


  • Anatomically contoured cut and contour design for optimal fit on left or right distal tibia.
  • Multiple placement options (anterior, medial, anteromedial, or anterolateral) for versatile application on the distal tibia.
  • Combi holes offering a unique combination of dynamic compression and locking capabilities along the plate.
  • Locking screws providing a fixed-angle construct, strengthening fixation in weakened or multifragmented bones.
  • Customizable distal portion and arms with the flexibility to be contoured or have holes removed as needed.
  • Constructed from high-quality stainless steel and titanium materials for durability and strength.
  • Available in both left and right directions to accommodate patient-specific requirements.
  • Hole options of 7 and 9 for compatibility with various fracture patterns or osteotomies of the distal tibia.


  • Suitable for treating extra-articular and intra-articular fractures as well as performing osteotomies on the distal tibia.


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Stainless Steel, Titanium

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