Anterior Cervical Plate

Intended for anterior screw fixation to the cervical spine, our Anterior Cervical Plate is the trusted and preferred implant by spine surgeons. Beneficial in traumatic injuries, the Anterior Cervical Plate also serves its purpose in degenerative cases as well as tumors and infections of the cervical spine. Its pre-contoured; comes with high mechanical strength and stability for demanding cervical surgical procedures; and guarantees minimal soft tissue irritation.

Anatomically designed with a small degree of lordosis and enhanced load sharing to promote fusion, plates of various sizes are available to adapt to the patient’s cervical anatomy. With a unique locking mechanism, our Anterior Cervical plates provide tactile feedback and minimize the possibility of screw loosening.

ACP : Anterior Cervical Plating System

Length : 20 mm to 62 mm at 2 mm Variation

Material : Titanium Grade 5

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