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We recently came back from our week-long Arab Health journey and I must say, Arab Health as an event serves as a center point for businesses from diverse medical sectors to meet. While we talk about meeting new people, the expo isn’t limited to meets and greets. It expands to business discussions, generating partnerships, and engaging in intellectual conversations with prospective clients and stakeholders. 

The primary goal behind going on a medical expo like Arab Health is to mark new business opportunities and connections. However, this year, we also focused on an important aspect of business engagement, “listening.” We gave a close listen to what problems are surfacing in the market, and how and why a change is required in the ongoing process.

Hearing out what the other side has to say is a significant task in business partnerships. Companies like ours, which primarily deal with the manufacturing and export of orthopedic implants, generate bonds of sales through interactions with distributors and surgeons. But for distributors to put their faith in any company, a simple word takes center stage, “trust.

Think of it this way, if you are a distributor or a surgeon why would you trust an organization that exports orthopedic implants? Won’t purchasing implants from domestic manufacturers over international manufacturers be easier?

After having more than a hundred meetings and discussions with distributors, sales representatives, and surgeons from around the globe, it is more or less clear that all distributors have an overhanging problem with trust. 

The conversations I engaged in revealed a set of five problems that surgeons and distributors face daily. Let’s take a look at them below :

Pricing Discrepancies

International exports involve pricing discrepancies due to the varying currencies of different countries. Often the price that manufacturers fixate on their implants is not what distributors are ready to pay. Manufacturers in most cases are not ready to negotiate, fearing monetary losses in their businesses if they give in too quickly. But, what if we opt for manufacturers who follow a flexible pricing policy that is market-aligned? 

Delayed Delivery

The end customers for manufacturers are distributors and surgeons. Similarly, the end customers for distributors are surgeons. Many times, international exporters of orthopedic implants take time to deliver the implants on time, as a consequence the end-customers, aka the surgeons get upset, and eventually, the distributors have no choice but to blame the manufacturers. But, what if we opt for manufacturers who provide freedom to the distributors to choose their logistical partners? 

Challenging Custom Clearance

Drawing from the late-delivery problem, distributors are often worried about customs clearance. Because international trade involves two clearances at customs, one, customs clearance source and the other, customs clearance destination. Therefore, distributors fear that the implants might not get clearance due to poor documentation on the exporter’s side. But, what if we opt for manufacturers who possess valuable expertise and experience in dealing with regulatory compliances and custom documentation? 

No after-sales service

According to the distributors, manufacturers and exporters go unreachable after the implants have been bought, proving no accountability for the quality of their implants and the delivery time. But, what if we opt for manufacturers who have a dedicated team of after-sales service, always set to provide utmost after-sales support? 

Lack of Choice

Many a time, distributors wish to buy certain implants with certain specifications. These specifications range from the color of the implant to the sterile/non-sterile properties of the implants, and many more varied specifications. However, distributors complained that manufacturers are often very rigid with the products they are selling, not ready to negotiate with any specifications.

The problem has been established, but where is the solution? These intense discussions with distributors and surgeons at least made one thing visible, the market is hungry for change, and as a famous quote by M.K Gandhi goes, 

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

As an individual who is an ardent believer in bettering the landscape of the global orthopedic future, I believe, I might have something to offer that can pose an imminent solution to the problems discussed above.


ZealMax Ortho

When we started Zealmax Ortho in the year 2006, we wanted to establish a company that not only caters to sales but also ensures “empowering human movements” throughout the world. For any leader who wants nothing but trust and transparency to reach the global audience; sales are temporary. Following the same path, establishing a trustworthy and transparent market for the global audience has always been my primary goal. 

With my experience ranging across 15+ years in the field of orthopedic leadership, I can firmly attest that Zealmax Ortho is striving to be, bring, and make the change. 

Flexible Pricing

Our pricing policy is based on the market survey and is invariably flexible. We understand the stance of the distributors on matters of pricing discrepancies and hence offer a flexible pricing policy. Our prices are market-aligned, differing according to the variations in regions and currencies. 

Freedom to Choose Logistic Support

We provide logistical support only at the behest of the distributors. If the distributors only want the implants and want to get logistical support from their own trusted partners, we hold no issues with that. 

Prompt  Customs Clearance

We keep our documentation of customs clearances ready, starting from the customs clearance source to the customs clearance destination. A lack of regulatory compliance will never challenge the export of our orthopedic implants because regulatory compliance is pre-ready before shipping an order. 

Dedicated Sales Team

A dedicated team of after-sales service is always ready to help distributors with any struggles they are facing, from the time you buy the implants to the time of the delivery. This team serves as a single point of contact for every distributor. The contact you have in the beginning is also your point of contact after the sales are done. We value your satisfaction over the quality of the implants and respect the feedback you give us. Your feedback helps us grow and get better in every sector.  

Choice is Yours

We are different from other manufacturers. We believe our clients should invest in us because they trust us and during each day of the sales procedure, we work towards making them believe in us. The order is placed by the distributor, and the specifications are listed. We will deliver exactly what you want us to make with every in-built specification. 

The healthcare sector is witnessing a new ray of change every day. While the sector is expanding, growing, and showcasing changes, the change should happen in a way that empowers each and every player involved in the sector. With distributors facing significant challenges in this sector, I feel the clock is set to provide permanent aid in these challenges as much as possible. 

While sales in the orthopedic export and manufacturing industry matter, it doesn’t matter more than customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction in terms of our service and product is what businesses stand for, and particularly, in the case of Zealmax Ortho, we aim to deliver “excellence” and settle for nothing else. 

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