LCP Philos Plate

A part of the Small Fragment LCP System, the Philos plate is designed to enable an angular stable construct to enhance the grip in osteoporotic bone and multi-fragment fracture. Available from 4 to 12 proximal holes that accept 4 mm locking screws to help maintain fracture reduction.

Our LCP Philos plate is anatomically contoured, has rounded edges, and is adaptable to the pattern of the proximal humerus fracture. Its screw layout is such that it makes it efficient in distributing forces across screws equally and also provides flexibility in screw placement, allowing for different constructs. Philos plate offers a specific solution for fractures that extend distally. It facilitates percutaneous fixation via a soft-tissue-friendly transdeltoid approach.

  • Fixation with 4 mm Lock Screw
  • Size: 4 hole to 12 hole
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless Steel
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