Remember your new year resolution to stay fit and healthy by practicing yoga every day? No? Cause we all might have taken this resolution and hardly few among us might be still holding onto it. The benefits of yoga are nothing unknown to us but still, we rarely take it seriously. And even though we kick start with it, after few days, all the motivation vanishes and we find ourselves juggling with the same daily routine with the most common excuse – “I don’t have time.”

Yoga practice can seem daunting, confusing and time-consuming but it can be a lot easier than you thought if you put into practice these seven simple tips for yoga before rolling out your yoga mat. So on this International Yoga Day, let’s see how you can start with this good habit.

1. Don’t Pressure Yourself, Prepare

Yoga needs patience. It needs continuous practice every day. Before trying any hardcore poses, it’s better to read about yoga first. Research about the yoga for beginners, and their benefits and styles. Also, start by warming up your body first with some stretches to bring flexibility or else you will end up straining your muscles. Prepare your body and then start with basic asanas first. Wear non-slippery, comfortable clothes and practice yoga in the early morning on an empty stomach.

2. Set Your Yoga Goals

Yes, even yoga practice at home requires a fixed goal. Each asana serves different purposes. Set an intention and practice yoga focusing your mind, body and soul into it, you will definitely feel the difference both, physically and mentally then.

3. Set Your Sequence & Stick To It 

For anything to become a routine, it requires repetition. Similarly, you must practice your yoga poses in the same pattern every day. Following a set sequence, especially Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) and Moon Salutation (Chandra Namaskar), will help you cultivate a deeper, meditative flow as you repeat them on a daily basis and you will see yourself grow, change and feel good about yourself.

4. Cut Off Distractions

Practicing yoga at home is not an easy task as there will be numerous distractions all around. Your smartphone, social updates, chores etc., remember they will be there once you are done. Your sole focus while practicing yoga must be on your goals and the asanas that you perform, as a bit of carelessness, can even cause grave injuries. Switch off your phone/laptop and plan your chores accordingly so that your yoga time stays free of distractions.

5. Slow & Steady Masters The Yoga

You need not become a Yoga Guru within a day. Go slow but steady. Gradually open your mind, body and soul to the restorative postures of yoga and then move forward.

6. Choose A Convenient Time & A Comfortable Space

Nothing can bring more benefit that practising yoga in the morning. The peaceful atmosphere and the freshness, can act as bonus effects to your daily yoga routine. And since yoga includes a lot of breathing, make sure that the spot where you are deciding to practice yoga every day is well lit, clean and properly ventilated. Although it is best to practice in your personal garden or at a park in the open air, if not, then choose a private room or space for your daily yoga practice. Get rid of any sharp objects or furniture if around, and practice yoga daily at the same spot and time.

7. Meditate and Relax

End your daily yoga routine with a few minutes of meditation or relaxation. Calm down your muscles at the end of the session with either Savasana (where you lie down on your back with the arms alongside the body and palms facing up) or Pranayama (breathing exercise). Seek the help of a Yoga Guide and practice them properly. Meditate and get into some deep relaxation.

Hope this International Yoga Day be a good start to your healthy and active life.

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